Leading brands to a better and more connected tomorrow.

I will never forget when I came up with the word “Mercating” back on December 24, 2011.

It was Christmas Eve, and everyone was celebrating, but me. I was in my 2 square meter room with no door trying to figure out how to help people beyond graphic design, and I wanted to start my own thing.

During my loud brainstorming sessions, “Mercating” was the second name idea I listed. I just simply combined the word “Marketing”, in both, Spanish and English language.

Whether it was fate or the name was not taken because it was considered not to be good enough, to my surprise, the name was completely available.

Being in the most visited border city in the world, there was no better way to share the message: “I’m here to help your business grow” with a name that may look and sound familiar to both the American and Hispanic communities.

Today, Mercating™ is a purpose-driven and value-based marketing agency that leads your brand to a better and more connected tomorrow.

We are committed to providing you the best products and customer care possible to scale and put your business on the right digital track so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

If there is something sure about us is that we do care about your success.

Feel free to connect with us at any time by:

  • Visiting our Help center for a quick response,
  • Using our contact form to request a quote or specific support,
  • Subscribing here to our newsletter to get the latest news and content,
  • Scheduling a meeting or call for step-step assistance or
  • Sending me a direct e-mail to adrian@mercating.com for any other matter.

Thank you for stopping by Mercating.com

Adrian Rosales, Founder.

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