Increase your manufacturing revenue

Skyrocket your revenue

Unlimited B2B sales expertise to increase your manufacturing revenue

Salesfinity is a results-driven and subscription-based B2B sales professional solution to increase your manufacturing revenue.

increase your manufacturing revenue

Get your company's growth back on track.

Salesfinity™ helps increase your manufacturing revenue by executing a B2B sales process that provides your company with unlimited leads and closed deals within a short sales cycle. Whether you’re just starting out, expanding your business, introducing a new process, or entering new markets, Salesfinity™ is the one-stop sales solution that fits your manufacturing needs.

Grow your manufacturing revenue

Choose only what you need. Cancel anytime.

Tailored to your organization’s specific needs, Salesfinity™ offers four main subscriptions and three billing plan types that give you the freedom to invest, risk, and save as much as you want, and with the lowest commission rates on the market. Moreover, Salesfinity™ is flexible enough so you can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel it if you are not satisfied with the results. No forced contracts.

Grow your manufacturing revenue

Grow and optimize your resources.

Salesfinity™ is the one-stop B2B sales strategic partner your company has been waiting for. It’s fully packed with the necessary features to increase your manufacturing revenue, save time, and optimize your resources since the moment you acquire a subscription plan. With Salesfinity™, you can take care of your organization while you get more sales closed on the side.

increase your manufacturing revenue

Does your company suffer from poor or flat sales?

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All-included Features

No matter what you choose, all plans include:

B2B Sales Support

We perform the entire B2B sales process to represent and close sales for your company.

Bilingual Support

We approach and communicate with all clients in English or Spanish.


We do cold-calling and follow up calls. Our goal is to get to anyone from anywhere.


We send effective emails and sales letters to get more lead opportunities.


We make video-calls for presentations, offers, negotiations, and sales meetings.

Product Support

We represent or sell one manufacturing process per subscription plan.

Qualified Opportunities

We focus on the right sales opportunities and the most profitable businesses.

increase your manufacturing revenue


Our name says it all. Salesfinity™ offers ‘unlimited’ cold-calling, emailing, video calling, bilingual sales support, and qualified sales opportunities to help increase your manufacturing revenue free of charge from the beginning.


Our name says it all. Salesfinity™ offers ‘unlimited’ cold-calling, emailing, video calling, bilingual sales support, and qualified sales opportunities from the beginning.

increase your manufacturing revenue

Advanced Features

Make the most of Salesfinity™ with advanced features*

One-on-one Meetings

We meet with customers to get information and more potential opportunities.

Business Insights

We beautifully display your capabilities online to attract potential customers.

On-site Presence

We work at your place from time to time to bond, lead, and build stronger teamwork.

Sales Repetition Support

We never stop selling your products. Not even if we close a sale for you.

Sales Coverage

We visit clients anywhere to pursue new opportunities or to close sales.

Account Sharing

We can manage commission-free up to 2 business accounts if you need us to.

Trust Badge

We display your logo on our “Trusted by” section and link it to your website.

Shared Storage

We provide you with direct access to our new lead and business opportunities folder.

Priority Support

We provide you with preferential service and faster support at any time.

Exclusive Support

We promote your manufacturing capabilities under an exclusivity agreement.

Flexible Commissions

We offer lower commission rates with each subscription plan upgrade.

Multilingual Support**

We approach and communicate with all clients in English, Japanese, or Spanish.

Sales Reporting**

We send you a weekly sales report so you can track our performance.

CRM Sales Reporting**

We share with you our performance via your preferred CRM software.

Business Travel***

We do domestic and international business travels from San Diego and Tijuana, MX.

365-Day Support**

We provide you with 365-Days support. Weekends and holidays included.

* Advanced features vary per subscription.

** Additional fees, terms and conditions apply for optional features.

*** Business travel expenses are reimbursable/charged separately.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the highest value for the lowest risk

Pricing shown does not include sales tax. Payment is 100% upfront. Subscriptions are also available for six-months or annual commitment payment via purchase order. The final price and preferred payment method can be confirmed at checkout.

Signing up via purchase order?

To provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility, Salesfinity™ subscription plans are also available for six-months commitment payment or annual commitment payment via purchase orders.

  • Six-months commitment payment: You sign up for a six-months subscription by submitting a purchase order and pay upfront month to month with a 5% discount.
  • Annual commitment payment: You sign up for a one-year subscription by submitting a purchase order and pay upfront month to month with a 10% discount.


Experience the benefits of having Salesfinity™

Sales KPI Improvement

Salesfinity™ is made to exceed goals. Our main one is to help increase your manufacturing revenue as fast as we can.

Profit Maximization

Profit first. We focus our sales efforts on increasing your value and average marginal profit.

Costs Reduction

Reduce costs on gas, car maintenance, stationery, and more from the moment you sign up to Salesfinity™.

Costs Cutting

Say goodbye to employee-related costs: hiring costs, salaries, insurance, paid vacations, paid sick leave, and more.


We restart our sales process even after closing a deal to increase your average revenue per customer rate.

Travel Optimization

No more traffic, hours of planning, OT payments. Our strategic location allows us to travel for business faster and cheaper.

Strong Business Relationships

We speed up the business transactions directly with the right people from any level.


We attend trade shows and business expos to build cross-industry business connections and get more sales leads.

Training optimization

Provide us with training once. We will handle the next sessions. Training expenses are on us.

Exponential Value

The more Salesfinity™ grows, the more you’ll get. More support and benefits for the same price along the way.


Deals won via the “Account Sharing” feature are commission-free. Available only in the Standard plan and above.

Referrals Generation

We ask for referrals effectively to reach more qualified potential customers.

Unlimited Retention

Forget about employee retention problems. Salesfinity™ works as an extension of your company for as long as you need it.

Closed Deals
Sales Cycle Length*
Revenue Growth**

*Average sales cycle length is shown in months. The ASCL is the amount of time from our first touch with a prospect to closing the deal, averaged across all won deals.

**Revenue growth is the total USD amount of the deals Salesfinity closed for manufacturing partners within the average sales cycle length.

Set the goals
We do the rest.

Salesfinity™ has the expertise to work as an extension of your team and face together any challenges and goals you may have along the way.

By setting goals you agree to share your company’s and team’s sales information with Salesfinity™ and become solely accountable for the results of Salesfinity™.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Grow your manufacturing revenue
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