Become a Salesfinity partner

What is a Salesfinity partner?

Salesfinity™ by Mercating™ is a B2B Sales professional service that works together with other manufacturing companies to promote and provide Contract Manufacturing Solutions.

A Salesfinity Partner is each company that contracts Salesfinity; quotes, and produces the parts ordered via Salesfinity.


If you want to become a Salesfinity Partner, you have to meet the minimum requirements:

  • Your company is in the USA, Mexico, or China.
  • Your manufacturing capabilities can transform raw materials into finished goods by using one of the following processes: Plastic injection molding, Blow Molding, Prototyping, 3D Industrial Printing, CNC Machining, Automotive, and Medical Assembly, Metal Stamping, Extrusion, Casting, Packaging, Labeling, and Foam.
  • You run low/high volume or high-mix low-volume
  • You are an ISO certified company. ISO9001 certification is the minimum required.
  • You do not (mostly) outsource. You do all manufacturing in-house.
  • You have control processes supported with QA/QC procedures and reports.
  • Your team can provide documentation support such as APQP and PPAP on time.
  • You and your team follow the policies, internal procedures, and work methodologies of the organization.
  • Expedited lead time service.

Approval Process

Your Interest

The first and most crucial step. You understand how Salesfinity works, and you are interested in getting this support to increase your company’s revenue. If you still do not know how Salesfinity can help you, please read about Salesfinity here, or if you have further questions, feel free to schedule here a call or meeting with us before continuing to the next step.

Acquire Salesfinity

If you are still interested, please fill the Salesfinity form, which will allow us to understand your needs and ensure you meet our minimum requirements. In case you do not meet the criteria, we still would like to know how we could help you.

Preliminary Meeting

We will schedule a meeting or conference call for introduction and Q&As.

Pre-validation Audit

We may run a simple pre-validation audit to ensure your capabilities can reliably output products according to the customers’ specifications and quality standards.


After the pre-validation audit, please feel free to check our Salesfinity Subscription Plans and subscribe to the one of your convenience.

If you have further questions on how to become a Salesfinity partner, please contact us.

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